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AU-007 Immunotherapy for Advanced or Metastatic Cancer

A clinical trial for patients with melanoma, kidney, bladder and other cancers

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I'm a Patient

The AU-007 solid tumour study is for males or females 18 years and older with advanced or metastatic cancer.

Doctor and Patient

I'm a Health Professional

A Phase 1/2 study investigating a novel human monoclonal antibody in patients with advanced or metastatic cancer.

About the Clinical Trial

The AU-007 solid tumour study is a first-in-human, open label Phase 1/2 study evaluating the safety, tolerability and immunogenicity of AU-007 in patients with unresectable locally advanced or metastatic cancer. It is currently enrolling patients in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.


Cancer eligibility includes, but is not limited to, skin cancer, renal cell carcinoma, Merkel cell carcinoma, non-small cell lung cancer, gastric cancer and urothelial cancer. Patients who have failed or progressed on anti-PD-1 or anti-PD-L1 therapy may be enrolled in the study.

Study Details

Who can qualify?

Eligible participants can be males or females 18 years of age and older with refractory or resistant advanced solid tumour cancer who are interested in participating in a clinical trial to evaluate an investigational IL-2 therapeutic.

Where is the study?

The study is taking place at multiple cancer care centres in Australia. It is being led by seasoned oncologists with expertise in treating advanced cancers and conducting early phase cancer studies.

How does it work?

The Phase 1/2 trial is a two-part, open label, first-in-human study evaluating the safety, tolerability, immunogenicity and clinical activity of AU-007, a computationally designed, human IgG1 monoclonal antibody.

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